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This page allows you to lodge SPARQL queries against the triplestore (graph database) that stores all of this VocPrez instance's data.


This web page forwards all SPARQL queries entered into the Query UI below to its SPARQL endpoint, which is:

Use the Query UI below to lodge queries.

Test Query

Here is an example query you can copy 'n paste into the Query UI text area below to test witutils. It counts the number of vocabulary Concepts in the all vocabularies in this system and will return an integer:

PREFIX skos: <>
SELECT (COUNT(?c) AS ?count)
    ?c a skos:Concept .

Raw queries

If you would like to lodge queries directly against this SPARQL endpoint without using the Query UI below, first create the query, URL-encode it, and lodge it like this:{YOUR_QUERY_URL_ENCODED}

Enter your SPARQL query into this text box and click "URL Encode" to URL encode it. That will generate a single encoded string with spaces replaced by "%20" and other character replacements which you can then use in place of {YOUR_QUERY_URL_ENCODED} above.

You might like to test out your query first using the Query UI below too.

Query UI

Enter SPARQL queries in the text box below to lodge them against this VocPrez' endpoint: