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Geoscience Vocabularies for Linked Data

For description of geological features, geological time, mineral occurrences, and mining-related features.

Vocabularies for GeoSciML and EarthResourceML

Vocabularies for Geological Time - the ICS international stratigraphic timescale

Modelling & Tools

Vocabulary Modelling

CGI conceives of vocabularies as being synonymous with SKOS' skos:ConceptScheme class, so each GA vocab is an instance of skos:ConceptScheme. Not all users of SKOS make this conception.


All the content of all vocabs can be accessed individually in web page (HTML) and machine-readable forms. Each list fo vocabs, vocabulary and Concept web page contains a link to the listing of all profiles and formats available for that object. Look for the Alternate Profiles hyperlink.


All of the vocabularies in this system are accessible via a single SPARQL endpoint:

System Code

The code for this vocabulary publication system - VocPrez - is available online:

Note that this particular instance of VocPrez contains some configuration and styling that isn't present in that main VocPrez repository