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A read-only web delivery system for Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS)-formulated RDF vocabularies.

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VocPrez structure

Figure 1: An overview diagram of where VocPrez fits in relation to sources of vocab data.

VocPrez can get vocabularies from one or more sources and any instance can be tuned to use any set of sources. This allows for use with a wide range of back-end vocabulary management.

Technically, the tool is a SKOS-specific implementation of the pyLDAPI. pyLDAPI is a generic tool for the deliver of RDF data online in both human- and machine-readable formats; it turns RDF data into Linked Data.


pyLDAPI needs deployment-specific templates for registers & classes that present the data of interest in that deployment. VocPrez is pre-configured with templates for SKOS' core data classes - ConceptScheme, Collection & Concept - and registers of them. It also assumes that a ConceptScheme is synonymous with a Vocabulary.

This tool is not a SKOS data editor! It is expected to be used with a SKOS data source (any sort of datasource can be configured and three come pre-loaded) and its only role is to publish that SKOS data online as Linked Data.

The design goal for this tool was to provide an easily configurable template-based SKOS presenter since many of the other SKOS editing and presentation tools, available as of November 2018, are pretty complex instruments and make life difficult for normal web development tasks such as institutional branding of vocabulary data.

Since this tool is preconfigured for SKOS data, it is ready for use with SKOS-only vocabularies. Forks of this codebase can be made to enhance it for SKOS+ features. SKOS+ is a general term for SKOS data plus some other bits.

API & Templates

As per other pyLDAPI deployments, this tool uses the Jinja2 Python templating engine to generate HTML and other files which are called fro use through Python's Flask, a small HTTP framework.

Standard templates for ConceptScheme, Collection, Concept & Register are contained within this repository, as is a Model-View-Controller-style deployment of Flask, pre-configures for SKOS.



See the requirements.txt standard Python dependency listing file.


See for notes on major releases and plans for future releases.


This code is licensed using the GPL v3 licence. See the LICENSE file for the deed.


We use pytest as our testing framework. Tests live in the tests directory. These tests ensure that the endpoints are functioning as intended. See the for the tests for more information.


Nicholas Car
Data Systems Architect
SURROUND Australia Pty Ltd