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CGI Vocabularies Register

This is the static register (index) of CGI’s vocabularies whose purpose is to present the persistent URIs to each of the vocabularies.

For machine-readable versions of this vocabulary list, see the Alternate Profiles page.

GeoSciML Vocabularies

Collection of terms Concept Schemes
Alteration Type v2016.01
Borehole Drilling Method v2016.01
Composition Category v2016.01
Compound Material Constituent Part v2016.01
Consolidation Degree v2016.01
Contact Type v2016.01
Convention Code for Strike and Dip Measurements v2016.01
Deformation Style v2016.01
Description Purpose v2016.01
Event Environment v2016.01
Event Process v2016.01
Fault Movement Sense v2016.01
Fault Movement Type v2016.01
Fault Type v2016.01
Foliation Type v2016.01
Genetic Category v2016.01
Geologic Unit Morphology v2016.01
Geologic Unit Part Role v2016.01
Geologic Unit Type v2016.01
Lineation Type v2016.01
Mapping Frame v2016.01
Metamorphic Facies v2016.01
Metamorphic Grade v2016.01
Observation Method (Geologic Feature) v2016.01
Observation Method (Mapped Feature) v2016.01
Orientation Determination Method v2016.01
Particle Aspect Ratio v2016.01
Particle Shape v2016.01
Particle Type v2016.01
Planar Polarity Code v2016.01
Proportion Term v2016.01
Simple Lithology v2016.01
Stratigraphic Rank v2016.01
Value Qualifier v2016.01
Vocabulary Relation v2016.01

EarthResourceML Vocabularies

Collection of terms Concept Schemes
Commodity Code v2016.01
Earth Resource Expression v2016.01
Earth Resource Form v2016.02
Earth Resource Material Role v2016.01
Earth Resource Shape v2016.01
End Use Potential v2016.01
Environmental Impact v2016.01
Exploration Activity Type v2016.01
Exploration Result v2016.01
Mine Status v2016.01
Mineral Occurrence Type v2016.01
Mineral Resource Reporting Classification Method v2016.01
Mining Activity v2016.01
Processing Activity v2016.01
Raw Material Role v2016.01
Reserve Assessment Category v2016.01
Resource Assessment Category v2016.01
UNFC Code v2016.01
Waste Storage v2016.01